Budget and Expenses Manipulations

Budget Management application allows to configure each budget by attributing a certain amount of money first and after split it to the different categories needed. for our daily budget, the budget would be proposed by default with the following categories:

Transportation, Food, Vacation, Gifts, Health, Savings, Taxes, Familly, Electronics, Lifestyle, Credit Card, Housing

The user has the possibility to change the name of each category when creating their budget (See Budget Creation Process" . He will also have the possibility of adding categories with the premium pass.

To add an expense, the user has to choose and click on the right category where the expense is considered. Then the user will has the possibility to insert the expense.

Managing Budget By Category

One the user click on the right expense, he can enter the detail of his expense on the "Nex Expense" Field.

The user has the possibility to see this expense each Mounth (Like House Rent for exemple or any reccurent Subscription).

The user has also the possibility to save the receipt or the invoice by clicking on "Wish to store your ticket in memory".

The invoice or ticket is therefore stored and found at any time in the section: Budget History / Table and by by choosing the month of consumption.

To modify or delete an expense, simply click on the expense category, and choose "Change Expense", you will have the choice between modifying or deleting the expense.

Insert, Change, Delete an expense

This section allows you to review the amounts associated with each category, because at a given moment, you notice that you should have put one amount in place of the other.

Remember, the sum of all categories must always be equal to the configured budget.

In this process, you can also change the amount of your budget.

Follow the suggested process to change the categories that interest you.

Budget Re-Balancing

This section is in the premium pack and allows you to recreate a new budget. this new budget can be in the context of personal consumption but also in the context of complex projects to manage such as the construction of a house, renovation or another project.

So you can relive the same process as creating your main budget

Budget Creation